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Hello everyone! We are a small father-son business of backyard homesteaders in Southwestern Missouri. We’ve been collecting, growing, seed saving and sharing rare seed varieties since before my little guy was born. When I was younger I travelled to Asia, Europe, Mexico and Central America in search of amazing garden varieties. I’ve been developing this love in my son. We both love to garden. We don’t have the largest selection, but we try to keep our favorites and rare varieties in our garden so that they don’t disappear into the pages of time. We are a small time, family business with a passion for gardens and seed stewardship. We are trying many new varieties of open pollinated heirloom seeds this year. Stay tuned for the new releases! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Reviews

    Lindsey on Apr 27

    5 out of 5 stars I ordered seeds from this shop to discover when my package arrived that someone opened it and stole my seeds... ☹ I contacted Luke the shop owner about it and he made things right by sending more seeds as well as a gift... he sent me some squash seeds that I most definitely will add to my garden as well as this year... 🥰 this shop owner went over and beyond to make things right with my order. if you're reading the reviews to see if ordering from this shop is worth it i hope this gives you the go ahead... thankful for good folks like Luke still exists in this world... God bless!!!!!

    Shandell on Apr 22

    5 out of 5 stars Great fresh ginger and got my order very quickly.

    Melody on May 6

    5 out of 5 stars seeds were in excellent condition and planted them just recently. . thank u very much.....

    Mimi 'n Macy on May 23

    5 out of 5 stars thank you! ginger looks great, they're going in the ground today. each one has sprouts already growing -- much appreciated (o:

    Vickie on Jun 13

    5 out of 5 stars Packaged so good and already coming up. Love them and appreciate the excellent customer service.

  • Luke- owner

    Im the Dad, gardener, seed nerd, homesteader, writer and botanical explorer

  • Jojo- garden prodigy and food tester

    I’m “the boy” behind the garden success

  • Grammy the GAGA

    I’m grammy the GAGA. The boys grammy, seed saver, gardener, and food preserver.

  • PapPap

    I’m the boy’s PapPap. I keep everyone grounded. (No pun intended) ;-)